Hey all

I don't post often however, I enjoy being on here quite a bit. I found a cool website that could be interpreted as "Facebook" for the flyfisherman. It's called the Flyfishermanscompass. It's by no means a "retail" website. Businesses can and I think would be encouraged to advertise on there, but it's so much more than that. It's for us anglers who are passionate about our sport. It provides a unique place to talk shop and find out about other peoples fisheries in other parts of the country. It's got your typical fish galleries and some nice videos (the PMD cripple tutorial is well done). Check it out.
Apologies in advance if anyone thinks this is a inappropriate post. I also realize this is under the Smokey Mountain Fishing thread however, we don't seem to have a general category. Heck we could get on there and give Little River Outfitters some props.

Cheers to all and good fishing.