I decided after looking at the weather reports that I would make a last minute trip up this weekend to do a little fishing. Brought my fishing partner Larry, and my daughter Jessica.

We fishing the Straight Fork on Saturday and had a decent day. I caught one of the biggest trout I have caught in the park, a 13" rainbow. Great looking fish that still had a hook in his jaw.

Larry caught a great brown a short time later, just over 13 inches, also with a hook jaw.

We caught several other decent browns and rainbows. We decided to release 7 to grease...

I ended up almost catching a park slam.....I had the rainbow and the brown, but the brook was about 2 inches too little!

On Sunday we got up and decided to fish the trophy section. We caught a few fish, and I caught one bruiser rainbow.

I cannot tell you how good it was to finally get into the mountains. We had a great trip.