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    Default Backcountry Camping Alone

    Do many of you backcountry camp alone?

    My first solo trip is coming up soon and I am excited, but honestly, a little nervous about going out alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifish4wildtrout View Post
    Do many of you backcountry camp alone?


    I've camped in the backcountry alone numerous times over the years without any problems. You will be exposed to far more danger driving to your destination than you will upon reaching it. Just make sure that you leave your itinerary with a friend or loved one, and fill out a NPS Backcountry Permit before heading out. From my experience, people camping alone in the backcountry who have had bad experiences primarily had them because of their poor planning and bad judgment. If you're not going to feel comfortable going by yourself, try finding a partner to go with you. You might even find someone from the board that's interested.

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    Just curious why your going alone? I have been in the backcountry alone with never any problems have even met some good people. Can you not find someone to go along with you? or you don't want to give up that secret spot....if you want some company e-mail me I'm game to go with you. I am heading up to Bryson place this weekend for 2 days of fishing on Deep Creek.

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    I have always liked to backpack and fish alone especially on creeks that don't have trails or campsites along them.

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    I've enjoyed it several times but after a few days, I get tired of hearing myself think and the woods seam to close in on me around the campfire. When that happens, I realize it is time to get back to civilization.

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    I have been alone several times when there just wasn't anyone else at the backcountry campsite. At first I didn't like it but its really just a mental thing. I am much more comfortable with the idea now after having done it a few times.

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