Thought I would post this short little report with a few pictures from yesterday.
My wife and I went over to Western Carolina University yesterday morning to watch our daughter perform in her guard (flags, sabres and rifles) competition.
It is a very nice campus with beautiful mtns surrounding you.
This was taken at the arena yesterday morning.

We stopped by Cherokee on the way back and watched a few anglers fishing the trophy section. The place was packed with fly fishermen but not nearly as crowded as the lower river with 100s of bait fishermen lining the banks through town. I think I'll stick with the wild trout rivers.
We went above Smokemont on the river and had a streamside picnic at one of the pulloffs. While sitting there watching the water and Quill Gordons popping off, the fish were jumping out of the water after those bugs. After a few minutes, I just had to get out the fly rod and rig up. My wife took some video and a few picts of my catch. Fished about an hour and two runs and brought probably 12 fish to hand. Missed just as many. The fish were rising like crazy at times. It was sure a fun day spent with my wife of almost 20 years now!

now a few fish picts.

trying out the waterproof capabilities