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Thread: Water purifier?

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    I'm a little late to the party, but there is a big difference between a "filter" and a "purifier."

    Although most folks say you don't need a true purifier, I take no chances with the crypto.
    We use a First Need purifier - it's around $100 and is a true purifier. No mud, no sand, no giardia, no crypto. Just FYI - again, most folks say you don't really need anything more than a filter in the Blue Ridge - but hey, if the world falls apart, I can filter water out of the Hooch below Atlanta, too! LOL - - The Internet's Only "Fishertainment" Website

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    I like the bottle type for day trips and backcountry camping where I don't need to filter much water. But, those bottle filters get tiresome when I need more than sixteen ounces or so of water. In those cases, I like the pump.

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    My dad and I bought the steri pen and we love it because it is quick, easy, and all you have to do is stick it in your bottle and swirl it around a little. Also, we haven't gotten sick with it, so we feel like it has proven itself worthy of use.

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