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Thread: Setting the hook?

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    Fish as much as possible to get lots of practice!

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    Here's some tips I've found to be true over the years....

    1.) Keep your hook sharp. Hooks are going to hit rocks, trees, etc. If your hook is sharp, fish will usually hook themshelves without much of a major hook set with extremely sharp hook points. A little upward pump of your rod should do it.

    2.) If you're fishing dries (or any other fly you can visually locate), don't set the hook the moment the fish takes your fly. Give them just a second to eat the fly and then set the hook. Don't wait too long. 1 Missisippi, 2 Mississippi and then set should be enough.

    3.) Use some short of an indicator. I use Thingamabobbers, as they float like a champ and are easy to put on/take off/adjust. If your indicator stops suddenly, set the hook. Don't wait!! When it goes under, the fish has it in it's mouth.

    4.) Like others have mentioned, prevent slack line. If there is a lot of slack line on the water, you won't be able to react or even feel a light strike. High sticking your nymph/wet/streamer works well.

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    All that info's good and helpful. Here are a couple of oddball tips I've picked up myself.

    Not sure why this works for me, but I try to "think" with the tip of the rod when setting the hook, rather than the grip. A guide pointed that out to me once when I was getting back into fly fishing, and for whatever reason, it seemed to work for me.

    Also, if I find myself missing a bunch of strikes consecutively, I'll go a size smaller in the same pattern, and that seems to help too. Can't recall where I learned that, but it was explained that you might get more "sincere" strikes on a smaller bug.

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    Thanks cube, going to have to try out the smaller size trick.

    These tips did help me a lot as I did land my first trout and then some this past weekend. Very fulfilling to finally pick up one of these guys off a fly rod.

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    Thanks for all the tips folks! This is stuff us newbies don't hear or read anywhere else. I read these before going to Tremont yesterday. My reactions completely ignored you on the first strike...big strike and line went flying sky high. Fortunately didn't snag any trees, just a tangled line. As the day progressed I got better at it, but the fishing was slow. Practice, practice, practice.

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