On Easter we went to my parents house in the afternoon. While watching the boys playing outside I heard a turkey gobble a couple times. So, I ran inside and told my dad, changed clothes, and off we went. I had brought my stuff along just in case, but this was my first time turkey hunting so I enlisted my dad as my caller. We made our way down near it, and called for nearly an hour with limited response. We finally decided that it wasn't going to move, and walked up the logging road to see if we could find any activity. Shortly thereafter we walked up on 5 birds, 4 of which spooked when they saw us. Unfortunately for the brave one, he is now going to be dinner. I know that had it not been opening weekend I probably never would have walked in on this bird as closely as I did.

Below is a link to some more pics of this bird:

Got my bird on the ground, now I can focus on fishing the rest of the spring.