Well I've been in Coloradoa month now. Went fishing yesterday, actually heading to the Ark, but the small creeks called my name. Got a good bead on one and went up the Mtn. Was thinking multi speacies but rising bows and warm weather kept me fairly low in elevation, anything under 9,00 ft is low here. Was a welcome experience after several outings to packed highly technical waters. Instead was on 3wt, bushy dry, cast into the trees water. Did'nt fish the 3 wt, my 'boo came with a conversion handle so it becomes 6' 6" ,5 wt was real pleasures on this creek.

Very much like the Smokies, just replace laurel and rhodo with tight aspen groves and willows. Willows often times grow right in the middle of smaller creeks. Wild 'bows out here are'nt much different either except that than run about 3 inches larger on average and have some real weight to them.

Did'nt see another soul all day, well except a cat, and that scared the tar out of me. Glad that thing was scared too and did an about face. Gonna cry when runoff hits.
When you see a lion here it's for real no doubt about it.

Can't see the creek? Not your eyes even standing in it it is hard to see

A few partners from early in the morning

Gonna try another little one today for brookies and wild browns. This creek is ultra small and, rarely fished might have a shot at a tiger.

Have a Good 'Urn,