Went out again today. Left the house around one and hit an overlooked creek, Fountain Creek, smack dab in the middle of Co. 24. 24 is a busy thoroughfare coming out of Co. Springs into the Mtns. I know why I usually leave in the A.M. though. Forgot the cell and my camera, my head is in too many places after 0900. My quest for brookies continues, wild small stream cutts would be good too.

Today was not a loss though, far from it. Tore into a ton of brownies. They were anywhere from 8 in to 14 in. Still can't get over the fact this creek had some bigger fish in it. Fountain Creek where I was fishing is hardly more than a ditch between Woodland Park and Colorado Springs. I was expecting 3 to 6 inch fish. Had the 1 wt strung up when the first of the better fish took me over a plunge pool and into a big deadfall in the water, back to the truck for the 3wt glass rod. Lost count at 20, fish rising to bushy dries everywhere. Fly of the day was a yella stimi again, had dropped a CJ off it but most of the water was way skinny; non typical brownie water to say the least. Two of the biggest came on the dropper in deeper plunge pools. The largest came on the stimi in some super skinny water. Had some other fly guys pullover and gawk while unhooked the big one, they were on their way back from 11 Mile Canyon on the South Platte. The look on their face was priceless. Hope my overlooked water stays that way. Them fellas that stopped looked real techy and not likely to fish such small water; just hope they don't go spreading it around.

Beaver Creek I thought I was on yesterday turned out to be Four Mile Creek. After speaking with the folks at a local flyshop I was a valley or two over from where I thought I was. Thank the Lord Co. marks public land pretty good, so I Know I was'nt tresspassing. Oh well, kinda disappointed in my navigational abilities, after all I am a Scout. But I did find new to me water and caught fish. Will try and find my intended target another day.

Have a Good 'Urn,