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    headed for the gsmnp this weekend for some fishing and r&r--my wife has a meeting to go to then on to the dixie stampede for a supper served in the pungent atmosphere of a stable full of horses,and no eating utensils--gues i will read the fishing report to get all lined out---am taking my 3 wt bamboo rod that w. babb made for me--looking forward to getting into the park again---ever notice that when conditions are the worst,overcast,spitting a cold rain,or just rain,or drizzling,or snowing,and you don't feel like fishing,and your attitude is at a all time low,and when someone asks you where your going and you say "fishing",and they look at you like a mental ward nurse administering your increased dose of some wierd anti-psychotic,because you're about the craziest sob they ever saw,have you noticed on these dark days that fishing is some times great,and you were right to go,you may be a little neurotic but not crazy,you don't need counceling,cause you had a good day of fishing on a river that was virtually fisherman free.
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    There is something to be said about the old addage that "the worst day fishing is better than the best day at work".

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