I finally got my brown trout! Fished Little River below Elkmont and had a few rainbows. Then managed to put a hook into my right index finger really deep. Unfortunately it was barbed and I couldn't get it out. Finally pushed it thru and crimped off the barb and got it out. It really hurt. Drove to Elkmont after I patched up the finger to try a favorite place. Caught rainbows there but today this gentleman was sipping flies and on the second cast he ate the March Brown I got from Paula at LRO yesterday. Thought for sure I had a rainbow because he jumped once. Never had a brown jump. No net so I landed him in shallow rocks. What a happy surprise to see he was a brown, not a bow.

OK on the picture the tape shows 12 1/2 but I remeasured after I calmed down a little and he was lucky 13". My finger quit hurting.

ps: The fly looks white but that's just the parachute, that thing that us old people need to see the fly!