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Thread: Carp with a 3wt.

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    Default Carp with a 3wt.

    I went out to a local river yesterday and fished for spawning carp. The river holds trout further downstream but up where I was at there are thousands and thousands of carp. I threw on a worm then later fished with a salmon egg pattern, a bit of split shot then let it drift through the shallows. The biggest fish I brought to the net was 7 lbs. but I lost at least a dozen that were bigger, all on my 3 wt. 6' 3" rod. What a blast !!! All total I landed 11 carp.

    This weekend we are going to fish the backwaters of the Mississippi river where the carp are much much bigger. i will use the 5 wt. then.

    Anyone else ever fly fish for carp? It is a great time.

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    Sounds like you had a lot of fun
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    I caught a 12 and a half pound carp and a 8 pound carp off my dock
    on Weiss Lake at Cedar Bluff Alabama with a 10 wt. Used a fly made like an egg pattern
    but colored like a fish food pellet and a round fly made of foam shaped and colored like a chunk of dog food. Lots of fun landing them with no net.

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    I have hooked up on several. The smallest rod I have ever used is a 5wt. I can not imagine what a carp on a 3wt would be like. The next strong fish and great fight is gar. When hooked they are a blast. They are also a good sight fishing trip. Try them on if you have not so far. Especially with a 3wt you would have a blast.
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    Had to try the whole Carp'n thing today, went caught 3. Nothing real big but sure was alot of fun on a 4 wt. I would post pic but dont know how. Caught them all by chuming the water with corn then soaking a yellow wolly worm in the corn juice and cating in the middle of them.

    Carp'n poor boy's tarpon

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