Byron-My wife's old Granny told her-wind from the East,fish bite least.Wind from the south,they close their mouth.Wind from the North,sally forth.Wind from the West,they bite the best.Don't know if this old axiom pertains to trout fishing in streams.Always went when the oppurtunity presented itself and hang the wind!However,since it's been brought up,I will endeaver to try and think of the correlation when I come up to WNC in mid-May but I won't let it deter meTo paraphrase another ditty-Not rain nor sleet,nor snow nor gale shall keep the flyfisherman from casting on his appointed creek.I'll draw the line at golfball hail.I am old and tender.I don't favor waving a graphite rod around in a lightening storm either.Perhaps some of our fellow forum addicts who keep journals could enlighten us as to the effects of wind direction.But when all is said and done-To **** With It,Let's go fishing!