We spent 3 days/2 nights at #83. We cut the trip short a day with the storms moving in. This was my first trip to Hazel and I will definitely be going back. The 6 mile hike up was a little tough, but well worth it.

I caught about 18 trout, lost just as many, and had just as many strikes. I only caught one on the dry, all others on a nymph. Best fish was an 11 inch brown, but I had several 8-9 inch rainbows. I LDR'ed a rainbow that was at least 13 inches.

Everyone in the group (5 of us) had about the same luck, give or take a few.

The rainbows were fat and fought hard with a lot of jumping out of the water.

I saw deer and turkeys and plenty of evidence of hogs. Sounded like a bear came through camp Friday morning, but I did not see it. One of the guys in the group saw a bear on the Bone Valley trail.