Not to deter anyone, but be mindful when walking through large rocks, and downed timber.
Spring break a couple of weeks ago..... no, the 1st of April, I was fishing Snowbird with my fishing buddy
He did something he never does and hopped in the water swimming downstream toward me right through the water I was fishing. I scolded him mildly, and felt bad about it. It was a beautiful day and I noticed he had taken up his position at my right hip, and he was shaking.... Water temp 50 deg, and air in the 60's; strange. I said; Cooter what is wrong with you? He didn't answer, rarely does, but went to the bank and proceeded to shake some more and began to druel. I wondered if he was having a stroke? He wouldn't move when I urged him to go with me back to the cabin, he was out of it, that was apparent. I left him and went for help. When I got back with help we found the bite on his ankle. I had gone down a steep bank over a boulder field, he went through and evidently got hit going through... twice. He is doing much better now, but still shows some necrosis around the bite. The snake got him twice right on the ankle, where he had little fur.
Anyway keep an eye open for the snakes, it is that time of year.