Well I fished Saturday afternoon on a marginal tide, saw two fish, but not even enough to get a cast to one before they were gone. Sunday and the winds were about 15 with gusts past 20, but decided to go anyway. As a matter of fact I decided to put my kayak in an adjacent creek and paddle out to get to the far end of the flay (about a mile). It was blowing a gale and I did not see anything at all and headed back, of course it was into the wind the whole way. I got about 200 yards from the truck when I stopped to rest a while. Would't you know it there was a tailing red behind me. One cast with a gold crab pattern (Thanks Barry!) about 2 feet in front of the fish, one strip and it was on.

Fish On!

25.5 inch redfish

My kayak rig

I mounted a bolt on the top of my anchor pole that will mount my camera.