The Pheasant tail looks good. A couple questions for you to consider.
1) Both flies are bulky. Are you using toothick a lead wire? The thickness of the wire should only be the thickness of the hook shank. If you need more weight, add shot to your tippet or as I would do, place a 'Tungsten' bead in the thorax.If need more weight, add a second for the head. (I am not a fan of beads for beadheads sake, I employ them usually as part of weighting the fly while stay true to body shape.) Both these flies are imitating mayflies so you need to be 'true' to there body shape. A Stonefly can be bulkier. I squeeze the wire on my abdomen of them to get it 'thicker' on them. (I darken my nickel beads most times).
2)Look at your tails (mayflies). Are they tied off on the bare shank or very slightly dubbed shank? The extra couple wire wraps making you tie off on the wire, if you do. aren't worth it?Are your tails tied above the barb?
3) Are you you leaving enough space for the head? The early Catskill tiers actually tied the heads on their Drys and had almost an eyes thickness of bare shank to tie thier tippet.
4) Are you substituting wraps for tightness, esp. on the whip finish? Use only enough wraps to do the job. I do two whip finishes of three wraps each. Don't trust your whip finishes, after a tying session carefully put a small drop of Loctite glue on them.

Two additional comments, Look at the patterns of the Yellowstone flytyers Craig Mathews as an example. They are rough looking!! Most of the flies are currently tied by folks who have never seen a trout or a real mayfly!! Both those flies will catch trout in Little River as well as one out of a fly bin! I think it was Walter Dette who said that Fly tiers SELL their good flies and FISH with their mistakes.

Try this, tie a dozen of one pattern. Work on the little things proportion, tight thread wraps etc. on everyone. You'll see a great improvement from fly 1 to fly 12.

Randall Sale
the Kytroutbum