I was wondering how long you all average fishing once you get to the water and set up. Is it all day, 4-5 hours , or only a couple. I have to fit time in whenever i can so my average length of time fishing is probably around 2-3 hours, sometimes less. You know juggling work, family and everything else life throws at us. Needless to say i get many days in, just in small amounts of time. Sometimes i think, man by the time i suit up and get in the water i m only going to have an hour and a half, but I go anyway because it sure is a soul soothing hour and a half. I try and go when it wont affect my family time, and sometimes i get lucky and they get to come with. I really enjoy the fishing time with my kids, we dont throw flies or wade, but drifting red worm is a blast for them, also drifting a big beadhead works well on a spinning rod. Other than when my kids are with me , i am a loner fisherman. I like the solitude.