Since I have retired I am able to spend much more time on fun things, like fishing, among others. Last spring when I rediscovered fly fishing, I started keeping a log of every trip to the rivers. In 2009, there were 53 entries. So far this year, there are 21. I live in Knoxville so short runs to the Clinch or the park usually average 4 to 5 hours on the water. If it's a longer run, say to Hiwassee or South Holston, I'll try to put in a minimum of 6 hours. Mr. Casada hit the nail on the head about when it is time to quit, diminished enthusiasm, fatigue (as in near miss falls), darn, missed another strike, those kind of things signal when it is time for me to give it up for the day. Also I fish alone most of the time which causes my wife undue worry if I am really late returning home.
As soon as she retires I am putting her in waders too and we are heading west!