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Thread: Question about fishing Sunset Beach, NC

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    Default Question about fishing Sunset Beach, NC

    My family and I take our annual vacation just north of Myrtle Beach to Sunset Beach, NC. When I was younger, I always fished off the pier for blues, sea trout, whiting, etc. Since Sunset is an island, I thought I would fish the channels for anything that would bite (still with a spinning outfit). I caught sea trout and one little redfish off live shrimp. Now that I flyfish, I was wondering if anyone knew of the area and had any suggestions about whether or not I could catch anything off the fly.

    Any suggestions would be great!

    I'm going the week of July 9th.

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    Default What I've seen not done

    My family has a house there and from what I have seen people fish the area of the marsh when the tide is up. I do not know how this will change with the construction of the new bridge. I have always wanted to take one of our kayaks and fish out of it there. Poggies (Spelling) is what I think some people fish for there. You do see fish breaking the water along the road when the tide is up also. I think if you were to fish the area between Ocean Isle and Sunset while tide was changing you could catch something. Never tried or seen anyone fish there though. A place that I have seen people fish and the locals hang out (Can be crowded) is the area south of Bird Island. You will have the walk ahead of you but it is neat down there. You'll see some charters right in that area sometimes. One of my favorite places to visit. Have fun and let us know how you do. I'll be in the OBX at that time.
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