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Thread: Near Elkmont April 28-May1

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    Default Near Elkmont April 28-May1

    Mom, Dad, Big Brother and I camped at Elkmont last week and fished the surrounding streams. Paid a visit to Byron to introduce myself and see the shop...beautiful place and alot of great merchandise. Thanks Byron for the fly recommendations and hospitality. Jim Casada's new book (I highly recommend) pointed us in the right direction as far as some of the smaller streams in the area and we were fairly successful. With a nod to BRF, we did try Metcalf Bottoms and enjoyed the same success he did a week or two earlier...zilch! A few pics from the trip.

    Big brother working a seam.

    The payoff.

    Taking in the beautiful plant life.

    Another beautiful morning in the mountains.

    We decided to hit the higher elevations.

    ...and we found these little jewels.

    It was a great trip. For those of you keeping score...2 bears and 1 snake were seen. Snake was seen near a stream and bears were seen while we were traveling by roadway to one of our spots.

    Can't wait to return...

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    Beautiful Pics and that is the best way to see a bear!!

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