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    Default Yet another.... newbie

    Well folks, been lurking for a few months and thought it was about time to jump in. Have learned a lot from you guys so far, but still have a long way to go. Just starting to get some gear put together and can already see that this is going to be an addiction! lol So any and all advice is more than welcome. My grandfather brought me up on trout fishing over in the Pittmancenter/Greenbriar area, corn and roostertails ya know. Those are some of my most cherished memories, I sure miss that man. I guess he is the one that instilled a love for the cool, clear mtn. streams in me, so I see fly fishing as a way to return to those roots. Not to mention a great excuse to escape the summer heat and the concrete jungle of Ktown.

    Would like to thank the guys at LRO for helping me out yesterday and getting me pointed in the right direction. Thanks guys!

    Hope I get the chance to meet some of you folks at Trout Fest this sat.!

    Thanks again for a great forum!

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    Welcome, Shannon. Looking forward to hearing more about your fishing in the area growing up and all the great new experiences awaiting you.

    “Joe” Fred Turner
    Southern Appalachian Stream Maps

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    Shannon--A hearty welcome, and I think you will find the forum fun and informative. I would urge you to attend Troutfest this coming weekend if you can. Lots to be learned there, and a world of fellow lovers of the long rod and whistling line.
    Jim Casada

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    thanks for the welcome guys!

    Jim, I'll be there Sat. for sure, can't wait!

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    Welcome. Glad to have you join in.
    Romans 10:9-10 KJV

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