This past weekend, while teaching a two-day fly-fishing class at Sugarlands as part of the Univ. of Tennessee's Smoky Mountain Field School, something I've had the pleasure of doing for perhaps two decades, I enjoyed a special privilege.

I was delivering a couple of cases of my book on the Park to the Visitor Center at Park Headquarters, and who should help me but a regular from this forum, Sam MacDonald. He unloaded a case of the books (no small undertaking since a case weighs 69 pounds, then happened to look at the books in it. He said: "Are you Jim?" and I confessed as much even as I noticed his name tag (he works in the Visitor Center).

We shook and howdied like two long-lost compatriots, with this forum being the link that connected us. As those who pay attention will know, Sam is a grand source of information on the lure and lore of the Park, and it was a delight to meet him.

I hope to have similar experiences, many times over, this weekend at Troutfest. Meanwhile, I just wanted to say that we all owe Paula, Byron, Daniel and the good folks at LRO a tip of the fishing hat for providing this means of interchange and sharing of information.

Jim Casada