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    Default North Georgia Trout

    Am heading to Dahlonega, GA in early JUN to meet up with some 509th ABN buddies, and am looking to camp for a few days middle of the week and do some fishing in the area. What I have seen so far leads me to Dukes Ck area, but it looks as if there are a number of other places to pursue the wily trout. Used to Smokey Mtns, and small streams/trout not an issue. Do not have to meet friends until FRI anoon, and plan now on arriving late TUE evening for a motel stay, and camp WED & THU with fishing until noon or so FRI. Do not have to stay in Dahlonega for fishing; only have to be there FRI evening, so fishing is priority for TUE thru FRI morning. Any and all suggestions re: places to stay, camp, and fish are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your advice.
    Skip Watson

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    Nice talking with you. Sorry we could talk more but I'm on the road WEst tomorrow at 5:00am. Lets get together in October. Enjoy north Georgia, It'll be warmer than Wyoming!

    Randall Sale
    the Kytroutbum

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    Default North GA

    I live in North GA so I might be able to help you out. Dukes Creek is my favorite stream in the state. It is the best public trophy stream in Georgia in my opinion. Small stream loaded with fish. It has a reputation of being tough. The fish are stream-born, so there not big dumb stockers. My first trip there I landed 3 bows over 20" on a size 22 midge pattern. It is only open for fishing on Wed, Saturday, and Sunday. You also have to make reservations, but there is no fee to fish. You have the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge which is an excellent tailwater fishery, and Helen (where Dukes is at) isnt too far away. Both these areas are pretty close to the Dahlonaga. Both areas have more to offer, those are just my favorites. Not real sure as far as camping goes. North Georgia Trout Online is a good site with loads of info. Some of those guys have some great information on camping, hiking, and fishing.

    Hoped some of this helps out. Good luck!

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    one thing about Dukes is that it's 100% barbless. You need to leave all barbed flies at the hotel, because they will fine you if they find any on you (even if you are not using them) and they check. So smash down some barbs if you have barbed flies and throw them in a special dukes box.

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    Thanks Labrador, I forgot to mention that, and yes they do check.

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    I have fished in that area only twice and have limited knowledge but if you are willing to drive a little farther I would recommend you try the Upper Chattahoochie River campground in the forrest just north of Helen. I had the 34 site campground to myself last July (a Mon-Wed stay) and the Upper Chattahoochie River runs right next to the campsites, and it is skinny water . Jimmy Harris at the Unicoi Fly Shop pointed me in that direction and gave me some good pointers for the area as well.
    River view from camp site

    stream improvements by NGTO and local TU chapter

    Good luck, Enjoy and post a follow up report when you return

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