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Nice meeting you Rod and Adam...I appreciate all the hard work LRO has put in to Troutfest...but, I think it would be a good idea to focus on quality and not quantity when it comes to time lines. Honestly, I doubt I will drive up for another one. It is kind of a walk through and then you are done.....
Can you elaborate more on the quality and not quantity area. I don't understand what your saying. pretty much all the top manufactures were represented with displays and reps to answer questions about their products. There are some of the best nationally known fly designers and tiers there teaching and sharing tips to becoming a better fly tier. Fly shops from across the region along with several guide services were there. There were double the amount of vendors and I liked the way the fly tiers were scattered thoughout rather than bunched up in one area. I thought it was much better than last year.
The only thing would change is tone down the music. it was way too loud early in the day and many people were complaning about that. You had a hard time hearing people speak in Tent B because of the music. The ice cream vendor needs to move his diesel motor to the side or back of his display. I know several of us in Tent B were getting sick from the fumes. I went home at 3pm with a headache from it.