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Thread: Man photographs bear, bear bites man

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    Quote Originally Posted by old tom View Post
    Gut jerk reaction to this story. Why should a wild animal pay the ultimate price for man's stupidity?

    Addendum: Just read the newspaper comments to the story and apparently a lot of folks agree with me, most even stronger than my reaction.

    I'm sure it's been said, but because the next person it bites and/or kills could be someone's child. There must be a distinction made between an animal and a human being. I think most folks would agree that the chance it will bite/attack/munch/taste again with possibly fatal consequences for a human being is reason enough.

    Do I think people get way too close to the bears and other wildlife? Absolutely, 100%.

    Do I think the wildlife in the park is more important than human life? nope. - - The Internet's Only "Fishertainment" Website

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    Fair point, Owl. I certainly wouldn't want to see someone who is totally innocent, such as a child, harmed in any way. And from what I've read, relocation of the bear is not an option either - once they've had a taste of the human flesh, they can't be trusted not to come back for seconds.

    I don't think the guy who was bitten should face the same consequenses as the bear. And I don't know what courses are required to earn a degree in environmental studies. But I can't for the life of me, understand how you could get close enough to a wild animal to get bitten and still think you've done nothing wrong. Apparently the guy is even stupider than I originally thought.

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    I think most people would give animals a wider berth if they knew just how quick that animal can close the gap between you and them. I don't know that any type of fine or punishment is necessary for the fellow that was bitten. What good is that going to do anyone?
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