Hey guys -

Back in Atlanta from Troutfest. The festival was bigger this year and not marred by rain. I want to thank those of you who made it to my talk. I think Troutfest's attendance was actually up. There were several newspaper photographers running around so I kept my camera in the car.

I also want to mention the CFR booth, specifically the section run by Abe Mathews, who I thought had a really cool idea: he set up a side-booth and asked people walking by to sit down and tie a pheasant tail for CFR. He probably had three dozen by the time I got there and added a couple misshapen ones. I just thought that was really cool and fun - almost all of us can throw a fly together for a good cause and they (Abe, really) provided the materials.

I also thought it was cool getting to meet Jim Casada - I have enjoyed his posts here and I admire his writing work. More manufacturers were present, including Simms (who ought to have been there last year). The only one I didn't see was Scott, but I know they are having their national sales meeting out in Colorado this weekend and I think it's all hands on deck out there for them.

If you're considering going out tomorrow, be sure to drop by the CFR tying desk - I told Abe he needed a more obvious sign, because when I walked by I thought it was another demonstration tying desk.