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Thread: Slickrock Creek 5/15 & 16

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    Default Great Post!

    I haven't been up Slickrock (or down) in 12 years I bet. The first time we backpacked in Big Fat Gap, in the dark, pitched our tents just off the trail, split a pint of Maker's and went to sleep! On my first cast that next day to "show my buddies how it was done" I landed a beautiful 5 or 6" brown..... the only fish I saw that trip! We exited downstream (with many stream crossings!) and a death march over yellow hammer gap, nearly threw my pack in the ditch that day , absolutely whipped me.
    Another buddy and I went back later that year, having trained for the route, we humped it pretty quickly over Yellow hammer. Saturday morning the fishing was pretty good with golden stones (dries and nymphs). After 10:00 am it pretty well shut down. The next morning we woke too late, to see a couple of boneheads splashing up the creek. Once those browns are spooked they are done for the day! Sounds like the rain, and color turned down their fear a bit, (that and the skill you two obviously possess!). Glad to see you all caught some of those browns, and some nice ones! We saw way too much trash as well, people (apparently squatters) had left tarps tied in the trees and trash in the fire pits..... pretty sad. WNC and E TN are terrible for that sort of thing. I wish people would learn to take it with them, and not throw it out the window while driving. Glad you all had a good trip, and thanks for the report.

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    My brother and I fished Slickrock Creek two years ago and didn't catch anything. Nice report and glad to see that you all caught some fish!

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