A lot of the older posters will remember Gaintfish from a couple of years ago. Well we had some issues with his grade back then, but I am a proud Dad now, he graduated yesterday from Father Ryan and even ended up with a 86.8 average. That is good for a private school like Ryan. He also scored the one of the highest grades in advanced English (hard to over come his WVA Hilly-billy gene he received from me. But the bad thing is that he had to graduate during Trout Fest. And would not give me a pass to skip his graduation for Trout Fest.
He has been accepted to Tennessee Tech,and is planning on entering the Fisheries Biology program with a English minor. He is currently writing short stories and sending them off to have them edited by a friend that is a English Major a couple years ahead of him.
For his graduation I am giving him a father son trip to Elkmont this weekend. If you see a older red Nissan with a short heavyset old man (me) and a tall skinny kid stop and say HI. It was a toss up between Elkmont and North river but he picked Elkmont for two reasons! one of course LRO, the other Volunteer pizza in Gburg.