What would you do with a couple of days to kill in Las Vegas?

For me, I scoped out a population of Lahontan cutthroat on the west side of Mt. Charleston.

The Lahontan is my 8th cutthroat species and my 16th salmonid species added to my life list.

They were in some pretty rugged territory! After nearly ninety minutes of 5-10 mph roads....

Through the Nevada desert...

...and when the trail turned to stream, I decided to hike the remaining 1/2 mile to the trailhead and the Lahontans.

..and finally, this very dark specimen.

I only fished for a couple of hours, covered maybe a 1/4 mile and caught probably 30 fish - typical cutthroat fishing. Very pretty fish with unique markings.

Following the gut busting trip back out I went to Bishop, California and (this morning) hiked the Methuselah Trail in the bristlecone pine forest. I'll add a report on that when I upload my photos.