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Thread: New Back Pack What size?

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    Default New Back Pack What size?

    I have been considering a new backpack for about 10 years now and I think its getting time to commit.

    Being from the Old school the pack i am using today is an external frame and I am pretty confident that I will be considering an internal for my new pack. I do think I understand the benefits between the two it's more about just trying something new and different than anything else.

    My biggest question and the one I am still not comfortable with is the size Pack for a 5 day camping hiking fly fishing trip.

    I have looked at 4000, 4500, 5000 and 5400 but am interested in what most people are using today. This is my last decision point and I am ready to commit.

    I am aware that AT hikers are able to get away with much lighter and smaller backpacks. The thing is us hikers, campers and fly fisherman have to allow for a considerable amount of extra gear. I average anywhere from 40 to 50 lbs depending on how hard I feel the trip is going to be.

    I was interested in what size pack in cubic inches most people today use for a week long hiking camping and fly fishing trip.

    I really appricate everyones opinion on this issue because my last pack lasted me the last 25 years and whatever new pack I decide on should finish me up. LOL

    So I want to make the right choise.

    Thanks again

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    I used to hike a lot when I was younger, but I didn't fly fish then. I could never get away with anything less than 5000ci, unless I hung my bag on the outside (mostly 2-3 day trips). Maybe if I bought a lot of super slim, super light, super high tech gear, I could have gotten by with less, but throw in a rod, waders, boots etc and no way. Besides, buy the big one...if you end up with too much space, it's not like there is a lot of difference in weight between comparable 4000 and 5000ci packs.

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