One of the coolest ice cream makers I have ever seen:

Tying Demonstrations By:

Cassie Sulzby,

Ray Ball,

& Joe Humphreys

Sorry for the lack of other tyer photos, I was busy chasing around a 2-yr old that wanted to cast every rod and sit in every kayak on the property:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this years Toutfest. And a big thanks to the committee chair Byron for his tireless efforts:

I believe you deserved your short break sir! Now if you could just keep that idiot with the camera out of your face.

You know if we live in a country where we can elect a Community Organizer as president, I imagine Troutfest Organizer more than qualifies one to run for office as well. Where do I go sign up for the Byron for President 2016 campaign?

Like I said before I know I missed meeting some people, hearing some presentations, and getting some photo ops. However, it was so much fun watching the little guy run around having fun with everything there that I completely put all my original intentions aside and just went with the flow. Adam, Rodney, and Tyler it was nice meeting you all officially, and hopefully we will meet again. To the rest of you, I look forward to meeting you and catching up with others at another time, possibly Troutfest 2011..... We will see.

Take care, and God Bless