We got camp set up at Elkmont Thur. by 6:30 pm, I couldn't stand it headed to the river with my newly built 6'6 4pc 4wt. Had a ton or rises, but I didn't get the nickname miss em Bennett for no reason! Missed about 10. Went back to camp dragging my wounded ego!!!
Rained most of the night and into the morning, So I decided to head up WFPR, caught a beautiful Brookie and one small rainbow. But were a victory for me, caught them on my flyrod I built and flies I tied.
But that was it for the day.
Saturday I wanted to head up Litter river and get ahead of the crowd. Hiked all the way to campsite 24 and you would have thought we were on the Caney, I have never seen that many fly-fishers on the river. turned around and headed back to just above Huskey Branch. Not a sole in sight, caught 6 wen I started seeing the wetfoot prints, Man I was still fishing 2nd water.

But if was beautiful. Oops picture of different river. Still a nice picture. Then I spotted the someone in front of me, he headed across two runs then tried to get close to the bank. Asked how I was doing, OK but only 6 fish, WOW what are you using BHPN, thats the same thing I using. I then politely suggested if he worked up stream he won't spoke the fish. After he left I caught 4 more believe it or not. But Gaintfish was having a hard day still had a big Zero and was ready to go.
Dropped hem off at camp and headed a little lower on LR.

Caught this nice brown and six nice fat rainbows.
Sunday headed up WPLR, caught 8-10 more nice Rainbows. They are really fat this year. Had to head out around noon to get home to make Momma happy. But ran into a road block on the trail.

and he would not move, I guess he was sunning and he was content, had to climb the bank to get around him. All these times I have joked about nothing up WPLR but rattle snakes is coming back to haunt me.
overall we had a great time. Gaintfish did manage to bring one to hand, and of course Dear old dad was just lucky!!!