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    I fished the Oconaluftee today in a couple stretches between Smokemont and the Kephart trailhead. I forgot my camera at home and regretted it the whole time. I caught about 15 overall, including a 12.5 and an 11.5 inch brown. Both browns were really fat, and the red spots on them were almost dime sized and really bright red. I caught a couple rainbows that were 11 inches and really fat as well. The rest of the fish were just average rainbows and one smaller brown. I hooked a brown that jumped a couple feet out of the water before running me under a rock and wrapping my tippet around a stick and spitting the hook. A low estimate on the size of the one that got away is 16 inches. I hate that I forgot the camera, but probably wouldn't have gotten those nice fish if I had it with me.

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    Too bad you left the camera, but your probably wouldnt have had to use it if you brought it. Sounds like a great trip.. Thanks for the report!

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