I just returned for a family vacation in Gatlinburg. Gaintfish and I were camped in elkmont last weekend. We saw a bear on the road near Gatlinburg last weekend and a big Rattle snake on the trail. Now today we drove up the long driveway to the Chalet my Company owns on Cliff Branch rd. There was a momma bear and 2 cubs on the driveway about a 1/4 mile in. Man she was one mad momma. We thought she was going to attack my Durango. Swatted, beat the brush, woofed at the cubs and sent them up a tree. Now the problem is the trash can is at the bottom of the drive and the kids have always hiked down to take the trash down. My daughter almost runs from the door to the Durango. I guess I am going to have to drive the trash down all week. and I have some outside repair work I was asked to do, I think I need to grow eyes out the back of my head. But I am going fishing Tomorrow.