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    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the blue winged olive hatch that has been going on now for days every morning in the park? They all seem to be about a size 20, and I've only noticed them on the Little River but they have been wide spread up and down from Metcalf to up and above Elkmont. I know that they can and do hatch all year, but I usully associate BWO's with fall winter and early spring. The only disappointing thing about the hatch is that the fish do not seem to be keying in on the dries at all...maybe theres just bigger better stuff to eat right now...

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    I've fished the park for a long time and have seen them in all the months.It's no wonder a pheasant tail works so well in the park. If its overcast and some level of humid thats when they'll pop. IN the fall you can look for them anytime.

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