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Thread: Road prong

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffnles1 View Post
    I will sometimes use 7X on the tailwaters. I'm not sure the fish see it any more or less than the 5X. If the trout can see a size #22 midge and start risingto it 5' before it drifts over the fish's head, my guess is they can see just about any size tippet line too.

    I find the lighter tippets (6X 7X) give better drifts on those tiny midge and BWO type flies than heavier tippet does. I use the lighter tippet when on the tailwaters and fishing a lot of midges, griffith's gnats, thread midge numphs, etc. down to size 22 and below.

    jeff- I would agree with you, on both points.
    owl- whatever works . I'm a firm believer in "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

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    Thanks for the comments good and bad guys. Owl, you got me, I didn't proof read. My Droid auto spells and it didn't like my abbreviation! Anyhow, keep in mind I'm 90% warm water fishing so 5x is the smallest thing in my arsenal and, to me at least, its extremely fine. I had 4x on and they were hit and miss till I thought about dropping a size. Also the 4x was Rio PF. Switching most definately helped and thats just one of the many benefits I've gotten over the years from this board.
    Crockett, there are several deadfalls and, being alone, I got a little nervous a time or two while climbing up. I had a great time though, I'll remember the trip for a long time to come. That's a beautiful stretch of water, I had to stop and just look around and take it in several times. My legs are still sore tonight and we just got back home.
    I fished WPLP yesterday at Sugarlands and right below Chimneys campground. Had a good day there also, caught 7 Bows all pretty fish. I'm pretty sure a couple were stockers that moved on upstream. Their pelvic fins were malformed and they were not as brightly colored.
    Thanks again for the comment though everyone, tight lines!
    P.S. My wife fished G-burg yesterday while I was in the park, she had a limit for me to clean when I got back. My daughter caught one before deciding that was enough, she was ready to go shopping.
    <(((>< In tribute to Ben, Duck Hunter extraordinaire, and man's best friend.

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    Interesting decisions on tippet. Earlier this year I lost a very large brown on the North River using 7x, it hit like a freight train and headed for the tail out with some rocks, all i could do was to try and turn him. For me it was impossible with a wt and 7x tippet. I had caught a 14-15 Brookie earlier with out a problem but this brute was just too much. One of the best small stream fisherman I know was near by and just started riding me about using 7x. He grew up fishing the North and Tellico and has never used less than 5x. So since this week was a family vacation instead of a fishing trip I decided to only use 5x. I have only fished a few hours total and have caught several fish. 5 brookes and 3 rainbows on thur. morning fishing for a hour. So I have learned that even here in th gsmnp 5x is fine. PLUS IT IS MUCH EASIER TO TIE FOR ALMOST 50 YEAR OLD EYES. I do like to use 6x floro for my droppers. I do use 7x on the Caney when I am fishing a 18 or 20 copper John and it does make a difference and I have caught 20" plus.

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    4-5x works well for me,but than again i fish mostly size 14-16. Do you guys fish smaller patterns than that in small streams?

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