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Thread: First Week of July

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    Default First Week of July

    Howdy friendly fly fisherman,

    Coming back from vacation and going to stop in the Smokies for a few days. It seems that all vacations come back through there for some reason

    Anyway, where would a good fishing spot be at that time of year? Been wanting to try up around Road Prong or Alum Cave area. I'll be fishing by my self so need a reasonable entry and exit. Don't need to get lost, the wife hates it when I'm late for dinner.


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    For reasonable entry and exit, try going to the Chimneys trailhead and starting at the first bridge and working your way up Walker Camp Prong. There's an easy exit up above the wrap around tunnel and you can make a pretty good day of fishing depending on how far up you want to go. It's mostly rainbows but you'll run into some brookies as you work your way up.
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    l the luftee on the nc side of the hill fishes good with pretty easy acess.

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    I agree with nvr2L8. I fished the area he recommended about 3 weeks ago for the first time. It is absolutely beautiful. It looks almost prehistoric - the boulders are all oversized and the trees are large but easy to get around. The fishing is very easy - no overhang - but the water is very clear. Never ran into any brookies but caught plenty of rainbows.

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    Cardfly--Along with Luftee proper, Bradley Fork, Kephart Prong, Beech Flats, and Straight Fork, all part of the Oconaluftee drainage, are easily accessible.
    Jim Casada

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