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Thread: camping in Gattlinburg

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    Default camping in Gattlinburg

    I just got back from a gsmnp trip and I am already planning my next one. I was wondering if any of you could recommend a good camp ground in Gatlinburg. (TENT) I usually stay in Townsend, but I want to fish some different areas of the park. (Greenbrier, Cosby, Roaring Fork and Cataloochee) I know I could stay at Cosby in the park but a hot shower every night is a wonderful thing!!!!!!


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    call 865-436-0519...gatlinburg welcome center...they will be able to help
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    Elkmont, lot of fishing, but no hot showers

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    Hot showers are sooo overrated. Maybe that's why my wife makes sure she's out shopping when I come in from one of my camping/fishing trips!

    Btw, the restrooms at Elkmont do have sinks where you can wash up...pretty nice if you're going to camping for a few days.

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    Default Google Map link

    I don't have any personal recommendations (no real experience with Gburg CG's); but you might find this Google Map link helpful.

    If I'm car camping or backpacking without being weight conscious, I'll take alot of Wet Ones to sponge off with in lieu of a shower. Besides, how can one truly appreciate a long, hot shower until he's gone without one for a few days ;-)

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