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Thread: road prong

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    Smile The 5th bridge is only 100 yards above my first posted picture

    Quote Originally Posted by shinbruiser View Post
    Thanks duckypaddler - I agree - its easy to get trapped in that stream. I hate wading back down because it fouls the water for anyone below me. I have done a little more research (google is a wonderful thing) and actually found where there is a 5th small foot bridge about a mile and a half above the fourth bridge. That's a long way to fish in that stream but I'm sure it would be rewarding.
    It's definitely less than a mile from Beech Flats (Where Chimney's trail verges off and sight of 4th bridge). The fishing above there is still good although once you get above what kayakers call Greenlight Falls.

    After that you will soon find sterile water (you'll be around 500ft elevation) from that **** Anakeesta rock. I syill want top fish up Tomahawk. Has anyone done that?

    Ooh and I had a great post written up about my upper Road Prong trip, but something got screwed up when I hit submit and I was too lazy to write again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crockett View Post
    ok cool I thought so just wasn't sure. I fished up there last november and didn't catch anything but it was freezing cold and I didn't know what I was doing a bad combination
    That and you were wet wading too if I recall your story correctly. Hypothermia and tangled leaders at the same time really sucks

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    Hey you are up still Matt! Yeah I had the seal skinz on but it was still really cold. I had been checking out ducky paddler and others pics of the stream all last summer and decided to check it out. The stream doesn't look very rugged or steep in the pics. I imagined a small placid stream with very little grade like laurel creek and an easy access trail a few feet away. I was kind of in shock at what it was like in person lol...

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    Does anyone know, in relation to the 4th bridge, where the "Indian Grave" is? I've read the stories, and I was wondering as I was up there fishing.

    Hey Crockett, just think about back when that was actually THE access road from over the mountains and they packed every belonging they had through there!! Gives new meaning to the old joke about walking uphill both ways, literally!
    <(((>< In tribute to Ben, Duck Hunter extraordinaire, and man's best friend.

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