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Thread: Big Mouth and Small Fly

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    Default Big Mouth and Small Fly

    This past weekend a friend and I were trying out my new custom fiberglass 3 wgt on some local bluegill. We were catching fish on almost everything we tried. At one point I had a bluegill attack the fly from one direction and what looked to be a nice bass attack it from the other. The bluegill won the race. Right after I finished telling my buddy about the race it happened again and this time the bass won.

    Notice the #12 BHPT soft hackle on the lip of the bass. My buddy was more flabbergasted by that than by the size of the fish.

    This girl measured 22 in long and head the largest head I have ever see on a bass. After a few quick pics, she slowly swam away. Needless to say, we went back on Wednesday and we both wanted to fish that bank again.

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    All I can say is !!!!
    Thats awesome! Thanks for sharin!
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    Thanks for posting the photos.

    I've had the same thing happen to me ff for bluegill, catching a small one, then a bass going after the bluegill.

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    I have a friend that has caught some really big bass fishing a pheasant tail off the back of a popper. It amazes the heck out of me. Congrats on a nice bass oi your new rod.

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    That's awsome! To catch one that big on a 3wt takes some great skills!
    I broke in my 5wt on some small bluegills and large mouths yesterday. Caught the bluegills on white poppers with red eyes, and the bass on all black pops with white eyes.

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    That's pretty neat when that happens and apparently it's more than you would think. The old "big bait, big fish" thing doesn't always hold. Sometimes you have to finesse them, especially when they've been pressured.
    Here's one I caught on a 6.5 foot 3 weight while crappie fishing with a #14 BHPT:
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