I have been doing some wishful thinking about a drift boat or similar craft. I have never owned a drift boat but when I started fly fishing I have been "exposed" to them and I am very jealous when one floats by. I guess I have the fever. I have been researching online and 2 very different crafts have caught my eye. I like the look of the North Fork Outdoor's Outlaw avenger XX (Dave Scadden design). It appears to be a pontoon on steroids! I know it not technically a drift boat but it could get the job done. Not to mention it is $2,500 (trailer not included). The other choice is a Pavati Warrior. Have you seen this thing? My Lord is it nice and very pricey! I think it would be 14.5-17K not counting freight from Oregon.

I could use some advice or insight about the boats above and anything in between. I plan on doing a lot more research but your feedback is much appreciated.