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Thread: Fishing Myrtle Beach Area

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    Default Fishing Myrtle Beach Area

    Anybody got any fishing suggestions for the Myrtle Beach area.
    Going there next week. Oil ran us out of the Gulf.

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    Heck, take your rod to the beach and just sling out some sparkly streamers. You will be amazed at what you can catch. The only negative is the wind and heavy surf. If you can walk out to a sandbar; throw laterally and let the current give your fly action. I used to destroy permit fish with floating terrestrials - rubber legs. I would throw them in the middle of their schools and it would be on....

    Also, be sure and clean your rig right after so that it does not tarnish or rust.

    I think there is a place-Murrell's Inlet or something that you can throw off of the Jeddy...?
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    Ive not fished SC, but have fished up on the NC coast, very similar. I second what MB said about the flies and casting. From my sexperience saltwater fish hit twice as hard and pull twice as hard as any freshwater fish ounce for ounce that I have ever caught. Good luck to you! Enjoy some of that good ol' fried seafood while youre there, man I miss it!
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    Careful in the brine, it'll ruin ya!

    If it swims throw a fly at it!

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    You should have planned the trip for this week in Beaufort, the tides this week are nice, and the fish are in.


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