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Thread: Upper Deep Creek

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    That is a nice brown anywhere, beautiful color on that fish. I was always surprised at how far up the creek you could continue to catch fish like that. I can't believe you can hike in those sandals.
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    Knucklehead--There is more water access from the Deep Creek Trail above Poke Patch campsite than you may have realized. From the point where the trail first comes to the stream after the downhill trek from Hwy. 441, the trail never gets too far from the creek. You would almost certainly have noticed you could hear it to your right as you walked towards Polk Patch.

    I would also note that there are two fine streams which feed the Right Fork of Deep creek in this area, Sahlee and Rocky Fork. Both come in from the west and both are home to specks in goodly numbers.

    The tight quarters you mention are, I guess, just a matter of perspective. I've always consider Right Fork to be moderately open, although its upper reaches are much tighter than those of Deep Creek's Left Fork.

    If you venture into this area again, I'd suggest taking the relevant USGS map along and paying close attention to the topography in the area where the trail reaches the creek (Beech Flats) as well as where the above-mentioned feeders are situated. On both the feeders you have to use the creek as your trail, but it's an off-trail expedition I highly recommend.

    Jim Casada

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    envy is thy name, for trip i wish thus had...............

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    Looks like ya'll had a great trip. Excellent photos!
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    David, awesome report and blog post! I'm convinced that you could catch an 18" brown in a 5 gallon bucket of water with some twine, lint and a rusty paperclip...

    Knucklehead, like Jim said, the creek is actually quite close to the trail, but it is cut-off in many spots by the rhodies and elevation. However, there are a few places that the stream is easy to access from the trail. As you are hiking down and in, there is a pretty good spot about .5 miles above 53 to get in/out of the stream. I usually leave my pack and/or some form of temporary marking scheme along the bank, so that I can go further downstream and fish up to it, knowing I have a spot to get out. You can fish for about 4 hours or more by going down to 53 and fishing up to this takeout point.

    The key to fishing in areas like this is knowing where to get out. The same is true of many of the back country streams that are tough to navigate out of. Pick the spot you will get out first, and then find an entry point that you can fish up from. Once you have an exit spot, you should have no trouble fishing through any section...without worrying about how you will escape...

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    you aren't kidding about the stream's proximity to the trail. once you hear it, it only gets louder. good idea about marking exits as well. i'll be giving that stretch another try, hopefully soon. also, i've had so many lucky slips in the hills where i could've broken something or worse that now i'm not going to tempt the slippery slopes unless i just absolutely have no choice. deep creek is an amazing place.

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