I've got a question for anyone with recent experience from Cherokee. I have fished this section of water three times. Two times last year March and April. One time previously this year in the month of March. Yesterday on a camping trip in the area, I was thinking about hitting it late in the evening. I fished some park waters during the day and at about 6 pm I decided to check out the trophy section. I rigged up and climbed down to one of my usual holes. I immediately noticed that the water felt luke warm. I took out my trusted old thermometer and let is sit for a couple of minutes. I was in disbelief when I noticed that the temp read 70. I immediately made the decision that it wasn't for me. I don't want to ride a high horse or anything but I was concerned. I noticed at least a half a dozen other anglers in the area and if they caught anything it would be mostly lethal to the fish. This would be fine if you could keep the fish. Considering the need for small flies and 6 x tippet with long exhausting battles. I am sure that not much was caught in that kind of water temp but still. Is this really a good thing? I'm not trying to make an argument but since we can't catch and kill on this section it left me with some disturbing thoughts. Maybe they need to make it catch and kill during the hottest part of the year. Any regulars on here with some input. As for me, I won't be trying it again until I know the water is at a more trout friendly temp. I went up on Bunches instead. I was on the tribal lands and used my $7 dollar daily. This brings me two some more questions. On this stretch of river I caught several rainbows that looked like wild fish along with one larger stocker bow. Then a couple of small pale looking brookies. Do they stock fingerling brookies? I also had a somewhat larger brown come up twice and give me a refusal. I decided then, that he won and I went back to camp.