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Thread: Byron

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    Default What hospital?

    Anybody know which hospital Byron's in? Blount Memorial maybe?

    I'm surprised we haven't had some postings from him - laptops and hospital beds go together like peas and carrots. ;-) Get well , Byron!

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    Byron is over at Blount Memorial. I spoke with him this morning and he sounded good and VERY bored.

    Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and encouragement.

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    Thanks to all of you for your prayers and thoughtful words. I'm home a day early because I sweet talked the nurses since day one, I praised the surgeon from the day we met, I regretfully abstained from and had my narcotic drips turned off early today to show how rapidly I recover, and due to diligence and planning I was released a day early, at 6:00 pm. I am finally home.

    David, a friend and our county pathologist called my surgeon and reported that in the 22 years he has been doing this, mine was the worst looking gall bladder he had ever seen. Gangreen had set in and they had to remove it the hard way. I'm just glad to be home and hope to be at work tomorrow to write the fishing report. I see a doctor every 6 months. Evidently there is not a test for this or I would have had one. Now that I look back, I think I've been symptomatic for a long time.

    It's good to be back. Love you all.


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    Glad you're home and doing well. When I had mine removed they told me when I left the hospital that I could eat anything that I wanted to eat. A couple of days later I wanted a slab of baby backs. Don't do it. They lied. Watch the greasy stuff for a while and you'll have no regrets.


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    Glad you are home, now take it easy for a couple days I think it might have been sniffing deck paint and the exertion of painting the boat that put you over the edge
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    my daughter just had the same surgery last week. Be sure to take it easy and try not to do too much too soon. get well soon! p.s. coming from a fellow business owner, the business will be fine if you take a little down time. It's hard to stay out of the place, but it will be better for you in the long run! flyguys

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    Glad you're home! Get well soon! - - The Internet's Only "Fishertainment" Website

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    Default Glad all went well...

    ...all things considered. After having mine removed laproscopicaly (sp?), recovery took a few weeks and that was due to other issues with my liver and pancreas. I am not sure if you saw my earlier post or if otehrs have mentioned it to you, but it is great to keep a pillow handy for hold against your abdomen for support in case you feel the need to cough or sneeze.

    I was up about an hour after my surgery and as I walked accross my room I had to szeeze, as I did so a bit of blood came squirting out of an incision and there was a bit of discomfort. Someone mentioned the pillow "trick" and it helped tremendously.

    You'll be in our prayers for continued, complete, and swift recovery!

    Mike n Robin
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    Yeaaaaah! Hope that you recover quickly and fully. Its good to have you back with the fly flingers.

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    Default Oh Boy!


    Glad you are home and doing well. I doubt that anyone can make you mind the advice of the doctor. Of course, none of us know what he told you so we should probably just mind our own business, but don't jump back in the ditch too quickly. We will keep buying stuff even if you are not there for a couple more days. Now, a few years ago when I had to have screws and wires put in my knee to hold it all in place I had my wife get a wheelchair with a leg support for me so I could get back to work two days after leaving the hospital. So, I guess I should just shut up, but I was responsible for two plants about 800 miles apart that employed about 300 people. I thought it could not possibility function without me there. I was wrong - one of many, many times in the past and many more in the future. You have a lot of friends out here and some good employees that will keep things moving forward. After all, you trained them. Paula, you have my sympathy.
    Don Winningham

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