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Thread: New reel suggestion

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    I had to jump on this, I couldn't pass it up. This was my dilemma:

    Buy a TFO Pro 9' 7 WT ($159), Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor IV ($149), and SA Mastery line ($47) from LRO. Totalling $355, it kinda defeated my "cheap, reliable 7 WT" option. I need to support LRO in order to ensure they are around for many moons to come, but I just couldn't put up that kind of cash.

    I ended up buying a St. Croix Imperial 9' 7 WT, Redington Crosswater reel, and SA Mastery line for $242. I'm not too big on the Redington, so I'm planning on selling it so I can get the Orvis Mid Arbor IV.
    Trey Nichols-

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    I bought one of those TFO "kits" from LRO last year it was like $200 for an awesome TFO rod, reel, fly line already on it and all. I wanted a different reel so this year I found an okuma sierra reel on ebay with backing and line already on it for around $27. I got it in the mail a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. Never will need anything else for the smokies I think. Now tailwaters or ocean fishing it might not work as good.

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