Hello, my name is Shawn. I have been following the board for quite awhile, and have been waiting for the big move to finally introduce myself. I am a recent graduate from The Ohio State University, and have just made the move, with my wife and three children, from Columbus to Seymour this past weekend. I am somewhat new to the great sport of fly fishing but have enjoyed every minute of the learning experience. I've been dying to get out on to some water, but with unpacking and just figuring out how to get around what has been referred to as the "gates of ****" (Pigeon Forge) on this board, I have been fairly busy. So as far as fishing goes I hope to get some time in next week. I have stopped by the the visitor center and picked up a couple of maps to help scout out some water, and plan on picking up Jim Casada's book to help navigate thru the park. If any one has some suggestions, on where I could start out I would definitely appreciate them. I have been looking into the Road Prong, but I wasn't really sure how crowded it was? I basically have everyday until the beginning of August to fish, that is when I will begin working on a Masters Degree at UT. After that I will just have to fit it into the schedule. Thanks