nvr2L8--Sams Creek is certainly a success story. I'm less certain about Road Prong. Was it ever part of the restoration program? It's had specks (and rainbows)as long as I can remember, and rainbows are removed with restoration. Maybe something was done above one or another of the falls on Road Prong, and I'm sure someone here will know. If so, however, I just don't remember it.
For me, the two current projects, Lynn Camp Prong and Bear Creek, will tell a lot one way or th other. I would also add that Mother Nature may well be leading the finest restoration program of all. Specks are now found, as I have pointed on on this forum before, in a number of places where they weren't a few decades back.
As for restoration projects, I haven't heard a peep about Bear Creek, and that project pre-dates Lynn Camp Prong. Does anyone know details about what's going on with Bear Creek?
Jim Casada