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Thread: Camping in NE Yellowstone Area

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    Default Camping in NE Yellowstone Area

    Just got a minute so can't elaborate. Camping is very limited in YNP and Cooke City Area this summer. I've had to send folks out to "dispersed camping" several times. Slough and Pebble Creek campgrounds had some damage from flooding- not sure how bad. Gallatin NF in Cooke City has several closed campgrounds presently. Soda Butte Campground there is only partially open. Shoshone NF in Wyoming has dispersed camping if you can rough it. If you come out and plan on fishiing that area and can't find camping, I'm at CRAZY CREEK and can offer suggestions if you need it.. YNP is looking at another record attendance year again. Has been having crowds las several weeks already.

    Randall Sale
    the Kytroutbum

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    Thanks Randy,

    I am in Missoula currently, all the rivers are running high and fast right now, Beaverhead is still great down to Grasshopper cr., everything arouns Missoula up to Glacier Park is high and muddy, I did find some good water on the upper Deep Creek and along the Skalkaho Hwy(not sure of the creek). Will be heading to YNP from the 6-12 of July, already have reservations for a campsite, I have been talking to a buddy who works out of West Yellowstone and he says there is some good water that is fishable in and around the park so I will hit him up and see what happens.


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    Been fishing the Beartooth lakes, have caught a few Brookies. We went from highs in 50-60 at 7000 ft to reading in the high 80's at Beartooth Lake for several days. Soda Butte is like choclate milk, didn't go farther due to bear jams. Clarks Fork of Y is "greenish above Pilot Creek, but muddy below. The little snow on Wyoming side of BT is going quickly.

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